Excel Shortcut Essentials: Your Ticket to Spreadsheet Domination!

Mastering keyboard Excel shortcuts is the fastest way to become an Excel power user. In this post, we’ll cover the 20 most essential Excel shortcuts to help you dominate spreadsheets.

Basic Navigation Shortcuts

Ctrl + Up/Down arrow: Move between cells

Ctrl + Left/Right arrow: Move between columns

Home: Go to the beginning of a row

End: Go to the end of a row

Page Up/Down: Move between sheets

Copy and Paste Shortcuts

Ctrl + C: Copy selected cells

Ctrl + X: Cut selected cells

Ctrl + V: Paste cells

Ctrl + Shift + (up/down) arrow: Copy cells to the above or below cells

Selecting Cells Shortcuts

Shift + arrow keys: Select a range of cells

Ctrl + Shift + arrow keys: Select a non-contiguous range of cells

Ctrl + *: Select the entire worksheet

Formatting Shortcuts

Ctrl + B: Make text bold

Ctrl + I: Make text italic

Ctrl + U: Underline text

Ctrl + 1: Open Format Cells window

Formula Shortcuts

Ctrl +: Insert the current date

Ctrl + ; Insert the current time

F4: Lock cell reference in a formula

View Shortcuts

Alt + W + V: Open the View tab

Alt + W + Z: Zoom in or out

Alt + W + L: Freeze panes

Help Shortcuts

F1: Open Microsoft Excel Help

Alt + Q: Open the Tell Me What You Want To Do search box

Undo and Redo Shortcuts

Ctrl + Z: Undo last action

Ctrl + Y: Redo last action

Miscellaneous Shortcuts

F5: Open Go To dialog box

Ctrl + Enter: Enter a formula into all selected cells

Hopefully these Excel shortcuts will help you work more efficiently in Excel! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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