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BlocBoy JB Wanted By Police For Drug, Theft & Gun Charges


Tennessee authorities announced they’ve issued a warrant for James Baker arrest.

BlocBoy JB seems to be in a serious case with the Tennessee law authorities . Earlier yesterday been (Feb. 16th), the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office announced that they’ve issued a warrant for BlocBoy JB’s arrest. BlocBoy JB, real name James Baker, is wanted on charges of possession of drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia. Additionally, he’s also wanted on charges of a convicted felon in possession of a handgun and theft of property. The Shelby County Sherriff’s Office has asked the public’s help to try and find the rapper. However, they haven’t released any of the details pertaining to the charges. As Complex pointed out, he hasn’t been active on social media since Friday night.

Hopefully, this situation gets cleared up soon. The rapper’s been steadily releasing music over the past few weeks so it seemed that he had some sort of project that he was working on. Earlier this week, he released his track, “Clap Out” which followed the release of his collaboration with DaBaby, “Mini Van.”

In January, BlocBoy JB became the latest artist to sue Epic Games over the use of his “Shoot” dance in Fortnite. The rapper accused the company of co-opting the “Shoot” dance and dubbing it the “Hype” dance. The rapper said that he invented the dance and popularized it through his music. He said Fortnite never received authorization to use his dance.


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