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Kanye West Donates $10 Million To Fund Extinct Volcano Art Project


Kanye’s got deep pockets and a big heart.

Kanye West spent a decent quantity of your time within the geographic area in 2018. He was stationed up in Jackson Hole, Equality State for months whereas he worked on new music. The beautiful mountains Associate in Nursingd scarcely inhabited communities of the geographic area were an escape for ‘Ye, and he additionally visited Arizona throughout his adventures. Yeezy stopped by the Roden Crater, and was astonied by what he saw. in line with The Wall Street Journal, Kanye West given $10 million to the Turrell Art Foundation in support of a show at the Roden Crater.

West was most affected by creative person James Turrell, United Nations agency has been embedding art into the extinct volcano crater. The G.O.O.D. Music creator could be a better-known fan of art, and Turrell started engaged on the crater in 1977. On Mon (January 14), West aforesaid he would give the funds to the Turrell Art Foundation to assist fund Roden Crater Project. Mr. Turrell has been embedding works for over four decades. he is been carving tunnels into the crater that cause temple-like rooms. Oval ceiling openings paint the rooms in several colours counting on the time of day and temperature. Turrell is seventy five years previous, and has had problems funding the project for years.


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