Home Entertainment News “Aquaman” Takes Out “Dark Knight” For Highest-Grossing DC Film

“Aquaman” Takes Out “Dark Knight” For Highest-Grossing DC Film


“Aquaman” hits another milestone.

Aquaman has formally attained the title of being the top-grossing DC comics adaptation ever to be created once it attained $1.09 billion at the world box workplace, surpassing the previous champion The Dark Knight Rises.

As reported by Box office mojo, Aquaman has attained seventy one percent of its financial success overseas. All the whereas, it’s still a solid hit within the u. s., sitting at No. three at the domestic box office quite a month once its initial unleash. Previously, Aquaman became the best grossing flick among the DC Extended Universe, beating out attender v Superman: Dawn of Justice, that clocked $873.6 million.

It additionally became the first DCEU movie to hit the billion dollar mark. On a wider scale, the movie is the third-largest Warner Bros. showing worldwide and ranks because the twenty fifth largest worldwide unleash of all time. whereas it is a clear win for DC fans all over, Aquaman’s range still sits behind Marvel cinematic Universe’s highest grossing options, six of them to be precise.

Director James Wan is reportedly in talks for a sequel with Warner Bros. He’ll reportedly have the choice of hand-picking the writers to make the second script and can get to choose if he’ll wish to stay around to direct it upon completion.


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