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XXXTentacion’s Murder Surveillance Footage Released


XXXTentacion’s Murderer denied bond, and is currently awaiting his fate in a Fort Lauderdale jail.

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Recently released surveillance footage may help deliver justice for XXXTentacion. WPLG news has recently aired surveillance footage from XXXTentacion’s murder scene, which sheds further insight into what went down. As a warning, the footage may be disturbing for some, especially those particularly affected by X’s death. While the news report abstains from any gratuitous or tasteless coverage, reliving the moment is certainly distressing, given the fateful outcome. Still, in the event of building a rock-solid case against those responsible, such footage is an important piece of the puzzle. Seeing the premeditated nature of the crime will hopefully go a long way in establishing motive, and punishing those accordingly.

Reporter Janine Stanwood explains that X was being tracked by his murderers, before revealing the recently released surveillance footage. During the clip, two men can be seen approaching the rapper’s BMW, one of which has a gun drawn. In one haunting moment, X’s hand can be seen emerging from the window, seconds before the assailant allegedly opened fire. Afterwards, both men retreat to their vehicle, leaving the rapper’s body behind. It’s hard not to recall the day in June when reports initially surfaced, sending a shock-wave of grief, confusion and anger throughout the community.

Robert Allen, who has been named an accomplice, has recently returned to court. The footage reveals Allen, wearing a black T-shirt, entering the motorcycle shop with another man. There, they pass XXXTentacion, who briefly notices their arrival. After leaving, Allen and his associate return to the SUV. It is noted that the judge has denied Allen’s bond, and the man is currently awaiting his fate in a Fort Lauderdale jail.

Rest in peace XXXTentacion, and we can only hope this footage plays a role in delivering justice.


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