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Breaking!! Cardi B’s Ex-Manager Demands Her $15 Million Lawsuit Be Dismissed Against Him


Cardi B’s former manager is denying he screwed over the rapper before she became the superstar she is today and is demanding her $15 million lawsuit be tossed out of court.

On August 31, Cardi’s ex-manager, Klenord “Shaft” Raphael, filed court docs responding to her claims he took advantage of her when she was first starting out and signed her to a record deal that paid him a massive percentage.

He claims that Cardi is the one who failed to comply with her deal by failing to give him notice and time for him to cure any alleged breach. Raphael also says her claims against him are barred because of Cardi’s own acts, omissions or unlawful conduct.

Raphael denies stealing from Cardi and says her attorney was involved and informed of all financial matters. He says he is ready and willing to continue being her manager, despite her attempt to terminate their agreement. He claims to always have her best interests at heart and says he did not try to make himself rich off her.

He is demanding Cardi B’s counter-suit be tossed and his $10 million lawsuit against her continue on. Raphael accused her of breaching their contract and defaming him by claiming he robbed her.

As The Blast previously reported, Cardi claimed she entrusted Raphael and his companies with many aspects of her business affairs and that trust was abused.

Cardi does not deny Raphael played a role in her professional development but she says he grossly exaggerates his role. She claims he had her sign record deals without a lawyer (which Raphael denies) and he gave himself a 20% cut of her earnings.

Cardi claims he breached their deal by failing to provide monthly accounting, failed to appoint an independent business manager and for not providing her with adequate payments owed to her.

She sued demanding $15 million in damages.

Both cases remain ongoing.


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