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Video: Robbers Beat, Run Over Woman With Car During Fight For Her Bag


Two men and a woman have been arrested for a violent robbery attempt in Harris County, Texas, which left a woman critically injured last week Friday.

CCTV footage of the incident shows an unnamed woman getting out of a vehicle with a large handbag. Seconds later another vehicle pulls up and a man leaps out of the moving vehicle, racing over to the woman and grabbing her bag.

Her husband rushes out of the building to come to her defence as the three scuffle viciously over the bag, which the woman refuses to let go of. The robber’s accomplice returns to the scene and joins the fray, kicking and punching the couple as they try to get the bag.

The driver seems to give up, running back into the car and reverses over the woman who is lying on the ground.

According to police, the woman who was targeted had just withdrawn $75,000 (approximately million) from a bank and was taking it to her family’s gas station and check cashing business, where she was ambushed.

A deputy constable with Harris County Precinct 4 was on patrol and apprehended Davis Mitchell on the scene, while his accomplice Travonn Johnson fled. Johnson turned himself in on Monday, police said.

A third suspect, Shelby Wyse, was later arrested in connection with the robbery. Police learned that she was working at the bank on the day of the robbery and had direct ties to one of the other two suspects.

“All the pieces to this investigation are falling into place and we anticipate filing more criminal charges on others we believe to be involved. No one will escape justice on this matter,” said Constable Mark Herman

Surveillance footage of the robbery posted by local police have since gone viral on social media.

Watch video below:


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