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Unbelievable! School Principal Beats Up Parent Over sick Daughter


Kitengela Girls High School Principal John Kihoro has shocked residents after his alleged act of animosity on a student’s mother.

Ms Njoki Kibisu who had gone to pick her sick daughter from the school has claimed she received a serious beating from the school principal.

She wanted to take care of her daughter given that the school was not taking good care of her yet she was unwell.

“I want my daughter alive or dead and if you do not open this gate, I will create a scene and post everything on the internet. You never know who you are dealing with until your bad manners are posted in the social media,” the school watchman quoted Ms Kibisu as having said.

But according to the school principal, Ms Kibisu had made a mistake of sending her elder drunk daughter to the school.

Esther Wanjiku arrived in school drunk and was told to keep off the school. She made calls to her mother who decided to come herself.

The school principal noted that the said ailing daughter had already sneaked out of the school and was hiding in a nearby kiosk before her furious mother arrived.

She was traced and brought back to school for questioning.

“We managed to bring her back to the school but on being questioned, the student refused to speak. She appeared obsessed with something. This is when I called the police but my several attempts failed and therefore called the area chief,” said Mr Kihoro.

However, the school principal denied having beaten Ms Kibisu and claimed that she injured her face and vowed to share it on social media.

The matter is under police investigation as affirmed by the Kitengela OCS Ephantus Mburu.

“I am personally following this matter and our finding is a matter of public interest,” he said.


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