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UBER Driver Beats Up Female Passenger For Keeping Him Waiting In Abuja


A Nigerian lady based in Abuja has taken to twitter to narrate on how a certain Uber driver beat her just because he felt she delayed him after waiting for a while.

According to the lady, the moment she stepped into the car, the driver began to display his rude attitudes towards her and eventually disobeyed her instruction not to end the trip when she got to her destination.

Read her tweet below:

So I got punched yesterday on the face by an Uber driver. Yesterday at about 1:12 I requested an Uber in Abuja from waziri Ibrahim crescent to wuse 2, when the driver came I went down the meet him about 3 minutes later cause I didn’t want him waiting. When I got in the car

He said I kept him way, with his rude voice but I just said sorry and told him we should move. He started the trip I asked him to turn on the ac he said his ac was bad I just ignored. When I got to my destination I told him not to end the trip cause I had to wait for my friend

To get there, he went ahead and still ending the trip, I asked him why he did that and started speaking to me rudely and shouting call your friend, I called my friend and put it on speaker and she said she was almost at wuse 2, he heard our conversation almost a minute later

He was like he was going, I then said please just wait I can’t be standing on the road in the middle of the night be considerate. He now started shouting I yelled back don’t shout at me, he proceeded to drive off. I told him to better take me along with him, he then parked came

Down from his car, came to my own side of the car dragged me down and slapped me. I was so angry I had to hit him back. Next thing he did was to punch me and hit me countless times, he threw my bag and phone on the floor I was struggling to hold him so he wouldn’t get away he Slapped me broke my nail and drove off. That is the guy

Listen to her conversation with him

Here’s what he had to say. I’ll record more conversations




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