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Story Of The Day: Love Speak As Two Down Syndrome Couple Set To Tie The Knot




The presence of true love in any relationship makes everything look achievable and this special couple are proving this to be true.

True love they say, is hard to find. While most people live their lives dreaming and hoping to find their soul mates, others are getting really lucky.

Pre-wedding photos of a couple have since gone viral on the internet for very obvious reason. The intending couple both have Down Syndrome.

A Facebook user took to the platform to share the photos, asking whether it is right for the couple to be joined in holy matrimony considering their condition and whether they can both handle the pressure that comes with the institution.

It is indeed refreshing to see these two people preparing to spend their lives together in love despite the challenges associated with Down Syndrome victims that they may have to constantly battle.

Well, at least they have each other to go through the rest of their life journey with.





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